Working at Veneficus

Because you crave challenges, always finds a solutionand simply because you are passionate about your profession.


Time and time again, we take on challenge of finding the best solution, because that is our goal. We make sure we stay sharp by updating our knowledge constantly.

Diversity in projects

From location analysis to sales prediction, from Unilever to Nationale Nederlanden. We are always working on various projects and are broadly deployable.

Sharing knowledge

Knowledge is important to us, so we invest in it a lot. We regularly organize knowledge sessions, hackathons, trainings, and brainings.

Our employees say the following

“We visualize data, and because we do this on the web, the data is accessible from anywhere.
That is its strength.”

Jorick Spitzen

“I can be sure that I will always find new challenges and inspiration here.”

Anna Jaworska
Data Scientist

Our team


Our team consists of econometrists, developers, and the back office, broadly speaking. The synergy between these roles helps us create the best result.

Team building

As a team, we also love to have fun outside of work. We do so during team days, game nights, and our Friday afternoon drinks.

We are proud of

Being a fast grower

Receiving an award for Best Employer