Who are we

Veneficus specializes in data analytics and in factual decision making on the basis thereof. We would love to tell you the story behind data and find the right facts for you.


“Can't does not exist.“ Veneficus is extremely solution-oriented. We always find a solution and we do not shy away from a challenge.

Making complexity accessible to everyone

Veneficus makes complex issues accessible to everyone. We do so via data analysis, models, intuitive visuals, and real-time reports.


We bridge the gap between abstract mathematical models and the added value of those models for you personally. Therefore, our products are very intuitive to use.


Solving new challenges is in our DNA. By continuing to push the boundaries, we are able to achieve goals that seemed impossible.


The most important common denominator shared by all Venefici is a passion for our profession, and realizing the best results together.

Sharing knowledge

Sharing knowledge is the way to come together and create even better results. We feel it is important for the sharing of knowledge to be obvious, both inside and outside Veneficus.