Robbert Bos

Robbert Bos

Position: Partner

As one of the co-founders of Veneficus, I mainly try to build an attractive company that assists businesses with all their quantitative challenges.

There are many econometricians working within Veneficus and I am happily one of them. During my studies I chose for a financial bachelor. To broaden my horizons within the profession, I later chose to complete a master in marketing. I have also always had a great interest in IT. In my work, this cocktail of interests returns on a daily basis. Building bridges between different disciplines such as marketing, finance and IT is for me an important mission. Connecting the various fields of knowledge, so they mutually reinforce one another, is also something I enjoy taking on.

I am involved with many of our projects and each one has its own challenges and charms. Building bridges and creating customer insight at Allianz was a project that completely joined my interests. With the unfolding of our first web product, a whole new world opened up for me. Diversity is what I like about Veneficus projects. One moment we might be talking with retail companies about their marketing, and the next moment calculating economic scenarios for the harbor. Our task now, to continue building bridges!