Kateryna Lutsenko

Kateryna Lutsenko

Position: Data Scientist

I am a mathematician originating from Ukraine. I earned my Bachelor degree in Mathematics and Master degree in Statistics in Lviv National Ivan Franko University. I specialized in Financial and Actuarial Mathematics. After my graduation I worked in the financial sector in Ukraine.

I came to the Netherlands to follow a two year postmaster study program Mathematics for Industry in Eindhoven University of Technology. The focus of the program was applying different mathematical technics for modeling industrial and business related problems. During the program, I have worked on projects with various backgrounds. I graduated with a Professional Doctorate in Engineering and decided to further develop my career in the Netherlands.

In December 2013 I joined the Veneficus team as a consultant. I am mainly involved with maritime and insurance projects. My interest in insurance originate in my background and experience and I would like to further develop myself in this field. The maritime industry however was a whole new world for me, when I started working at Veneficus. I learned that it is a very interesting area to be involved in and it will enable me to further develop myself.

With the dynamic environment of dedicated professionals of Veneficus, there will be no lack of challenges. I am fascinated to perform data analysis and modeling in order to help clients gaining insights from their data.

In my free time I am a devoted traveler. I have travelled across Europe and plan to expand my horizons. I also enjoy physical activities, especially climbing. Sport teaches me to achieve, to trust the belaying partner, to overcome your weaknesses, and to fight the difficulties in order to come to the desired result.