Karolina Ceckowska

Karolina Ceckowska

Position: Data Scientist

I finished my Bachelor at Warsaw School of Economics but it was the Master at Erasmus School of Economics, which showed me the true face of Econometrics. During my studies in Rotterdam I obtained both the theoretical knowledge as well as I learned how to turn it into practice.

One of the most important parts of working is in my opinion making the results visible. Thanks to, first the thesis internship, and currently being a Data Scientist at Veneficus, I can achieve this goal easily. I have the opportunity to take part in the whole process of exploring the hidden potential in data, from preparation, through modelling to visualizing and reporting.

After finishing my thesis research at Veneficus within one of the retail project, I decided to stay in the company and develop myself further also in different markets. From day to day I am becoming more and more passionate about my job. Moreover, the variability of challenging projects at Veneficus will never let me be bored.

For me Veneficus is primarily people who build a really strong team. Whenever someone needs help they will find it. There are no questions without answers and no issues without solutions. I really appreciate openness and helpfulness which I can experience every day.

Besides econometrics my true passion is body building and weight lifting. Proper nutrition is of big importance too. I also love dogs - every single one encounter on the street makes my day more cheerful.