Jorick Spitzen

Jorick Spitzen

Position: Solution engineer

I started working for Veneficus as a web developer in September 2013. During the study for my bachelor in Computer Science I learned not just to write code, but also to produce quality software along all steps of the production process. At Veneficus, I have the opportunity to put these skills to good use.

My main task is to gather and display information through several web-based applications. One of these is a survey tool used to assess and help improve the quality of customer service for a client. Programming on the web always requires know-how for several programming languages, but I do most of my work with PHP and MySQL.

To ensure all of our applications are well-tested, I spend a great deal of time testing my colleagues' codes. Together with my colleagues, I work to maintain the quality of the software and ensure our products are bug-free and have little to no down-time.

What I find interesting about working at Veneficus is that I, as a software developer surrounded by econometrists, have a different outlook towards problems and solutions. This leads to interesting conversations and can produce solutions that perhaps a programmer or an econometrist alone would not have thought of.