Joost van der Zon

Joost van der Zon

Position: Partner

As partner of Veneficus I'm responsible for the management and strategy of the company. I work on the engagement of new clients and conveying the vision of Veneficus. Furthermore I'm responsible for the management of ongoing projects and starting new innovative projects, for which I discuss with partners and co-workers. Brainstorming and working innovatively with the Veneficus team rewards me with lots of energy.

My passion lies in making quantitative solutions for practical and yet complex issues. For this I like to use the available IT systems in order to get results. Part of my passion is translating quantitative analyses to clear and simple insights that make clients able to work and decide on a higher level. The ultimate goal is organisations that constantly learn and adapt from new insights.

Furthermore I often engage in marketing intelligence and market studies from a strategic and tactical perspective. This within retail organisations (including multinationals), as well as logistic companies who want to compare themselves up to their market and their competitors as best as possible. My fields of knowledge are for example risk management, market risk analyses, cost calculations, Customer Lifecycle Value models, pricing, client segmentation, price predictions and promotion forecasting.