Hoksan Yip

Hoksan Yip

Position: Data Scientist

During my studies I started working at Veneficus. In this period my focus was on insurances; especially evaluating insurance portfolio's. This work is a nice combination of gaining actuarial knowledge on the job and applying this knowledge in developing a value model. Besides working I was able to write my master thesis at Veneficus. This thesis was focused on automatically determining the sentiment of text by using text analysis.

After my graduation I started working as a consultant at Veneficus. I not only developed myself further within the field of insurance, I also worked on developing visualization possibilities to make data more insightful. Besides the insurance industry I work on projects in the maritime industry as well. For this market I am getting more insights out of trading based on the shipping industry.

Ever since my studies I have focused on developing my programming skills, in particular on efficiency. Having in mind that the current databases are getting bigger and bigger this is not a bad idea. I find it important to give special attention to efficiency and flexibility while programming, a skill that have paid off.