Geert Stapensea

Geert Stapensea

Position: Data Scientist

In April 2011 I started working for Veneficus. Initially as an intern as part of my internship for my master's thesis in Financial Econometrics at the Erasmus University Rotterdam. At the same time I started working as a junior consultant. In this manner I already gained some working experience during writing my thesis and I had the opportunity to get to know Veneficus. All this has been a while ago and nowadays I'm working as a fulltime consultant in the Veneficus team.

The thing I really like about working at Veneficus is the versatility of my projects. Although my study was mainly focused on financial cases, I now already worked on some quantitative marketing jobs for some large retail organizations and I discovered that many techniques from my study are more widely applicable than I initially thought.

Besides the versatility of my activities, I gained in a very short time some new skills and techniques in the field of analysis and IT. These new techniques are widely applicable for all types of work in the future. I learned some new programming languages and my Excel and VBA skills have gotten a boost.

If you have a good idea with potential or if you want to spend time to increase your knowledge of certain subjects it is usually possible. In this way it was possible for me to learn how to scrape websites. The data we retrieve in this manner can be a potential source for new analysis. In the near future I start to work on some new projects. I will work with lots of energy and enthusiasm on this new projects to achieve useful and understandable insights for our customer.