Daan Vroom

Daan Vroom

Position: Partner

As partner and co-founder of Veneficus I engage in the daily ins and outs of Veneficus as well as the long-term strategy. Among other things I'm responsible for the finances. Furthermore I actively engage with the projects and always look for the newest developments within our industries and extending our knowledge.

The fields of knowledge I particularly engage in are the maritime- and the financial sector. With a background in financial econometrics the last part is self-evident. Furthermore through working for Veneficus I've further developed my knowledge in the field of Solvency II and asset management. The maritime sector might be less obvious, but with Rotterdam as the largest port of Europe this is definitely an interesting and vibrant industry to work in. The amount of data available is vastly increasing, so our analyses can give significant meaning. As treasurer of the Young Harbour Association (until the age of 35) I'm very involved in the maritime sector.

I find the development of knowledge very important within a company and as one of the partners of Veneficus I try to encourage my employees to keep developing themselves. Guiding and intellectually challenging employees is very rewarding to me. I find it great when an employee is able to apply the gained knowledge in daily practice. Fortunately life is not all work and that's why I can be often found on the water as well.