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Data Traineeship: a magical start of your career.

Our Talent Academy is designed to give you a magical start to your career. How do we do that? By working together for 6 weeks on your hard and soft skills, we create the start of your career. The programme is intensive and challenges you to take an extra step every day! After 6 weeks you are ready to get to work at one of our customers, where you can put all your knowledge directly into practice.

Veneficus Traineeship

Your benefits:

Apply for a data traineeship at Veneficus.

Are you ready for our traineeship? We will find out during our application process. You will go through several rounds so that together we can determine whether we are a match.

Veneficus Traineeship
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Data Traineeship

This is how you are trained:

Congratulations, you’re about to start with us as a trainee! Before you know it, you’ll be transformed into a data specialist. What does your path to becoming a data specialist look like?

The first three weeks we focus on the basics of the world of data; the data lifecycle. We will show you the way within all facets of data. Where is data located in an organisation? From which sources do you get it? And what clever things can you do with it? How do you present your findings to the business and which customer question do you actually solve with data?

We will go through all the steps together from A to Z and you will be directly involved in the topics discussed. You will dive into technology and learn the ins and outs of Python, SQL and Azure. We will confirm the acquired knowledge by obtaining a certification.

Of course we look beyond the technology. Various training courses in the field of personal skills are also on the programme. These give you and us a good picture of who you are. Through intensive personal guidance and intervision sessions, together we get the best out of you. These insights, together with your technical results, will help us discover which position suits you best!

You have completed the first three weeks well and have a good idea of the possible positions within the world of data. Together, we have looked at which of the possible roles suits you best. Each role has its own additional training programme that will give you the necessary depth before you put it into practice.

Once you start working, our Learning Consultant and Personal Coach are always on the sidelines to offer you the right guidance and support. You’ll meet regularly with your fellow trainees for intervision sessions and training sessions.

This is what our trainees say:

  • Jelle

    "Veneficus is a very open and friendly organisation where I have been able to meet a lot of nice new people."

  • Victor

    "The traineeship was exactly what I expected and all the ins and outs of data are covered at a fast pace."

  • Maartje

    "In the office there is an open atmosphere where you feel that everyone is enthusiastic about the work they do."

  • Pauline

    "Thanks to the Veneficus Talent Academy, I will start my new challenge as a Data Scientist at a client next week with a comfortable feeling."

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