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The real estate market is very diverse. This ensures that data science and machine learning can be applied to multiple themes, each with their own challenges. In the menu we summarized what Veneficus can do for you, divided into four main topics: price, client, vacancy and areas.

Data innovation in real estate

Innovation is high on the agenda, but decision makers do not realize that they already hold a treasure in the form of data. Veneficus has 10 years of experience in big data, data science and machine learning. In the menu we have summarized what we can contribute to your business in the real estate sector.

Our experience shows that decisions are based on years of experience. Data should play an import role in current and future business processes. Because this is not happening now, the right price is not charged, time is spend inefficiently, demand is not met and clients are dissatisfied. Specialized knowledge of data, algorithms, technology, companies and the real estate market is needed to change this.

Continuous predictive insights and efficient calculation of many scenarios will become the new standard. Smart tools with automated data analysis are an important component to innovate and beat the market. The strategic position in the market is improved by focusing on the right customer, at the right time, at the optimum price and at the perfect location. Veneficus helps to get fact-based grip on growth and results.

Getting started

We like to get in contact with companies that want to be a forerunner in the field of data innovation, in order to build sustainable business processes. Making real-time decisions based on machine learning, in order to strengthen the position in the market. Co-creation is one of our core values. In developing predictive models, knowledge of the market and organization is an essential part that our clients add.

Veneficus mainly focuses on real estate investors, housing corporations and property developers in residential and retail.

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