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The retail sector is very diverse. This ensures that data science and machine learning can be applied to multiple themes, each with their own challenges. In the menu we summarized what Veneficus can do for you, divided into five main topics: locations, clients, assortment, pricing & promotion and multichannel. The menu illustrates solutions divided into steps that retailers go through on the roadmap for factual decision making.

Data innovation in retail

Data science, big data en machine learning. All organizations are working with it to a greater or lesser extent. Retailers do not realize that they already hold a treasure in the form of data. Veneficus has 10 years of experience in big data, data science and machine learning. In the menu we have summarized what we can contribute to your business in retail sector.

Our experience shows that decisions are based on years of experience. Companies that have put data at the heart of their business model gain benefits that make their success possible. Companies such as V&D that do not innovate quickly enough disappear from the scene. The companies that are successful with data innovate quickly.

The fight for the customer is fiercer than ever. Real-time responding to customer information becomes the new standard. Only through the right proposition, aimed at the right customer, at the perfect moment and the right place, you can ensure that you realize growth. Veneficus helps to get fact-based grip on growth and results.

Getting started

Companies that work fact-based increase their success. These facts must come about through smart tools and preferably automated. Expertise in the field of data, algorithms, technology and the market is necessary to achieve this. Now is the time to bring this together and thus realize further profit growth.

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