Turn your customers into fans


The Internet has given consumers the ability to easily compare the various alternative options the market offers them. On top of that, it allows them to easily share their feelings about and experiences with a product or service they have purchased. Happy customers can turn into loyal customers, but if people are not satisfied, they will consider switching to a different company, which would be to your competitors' advantage; moreover, unsatisfied customers are likely to share their dissatisfaction with their friends and co-workers.

What does this entail for retailers?

The above is the reason why it is very important to be aware of your customers' satisfaction and how it changes over time. Knowing what people think of your product or service allows you to:

  • identify weaknesses and take actions to improve current customers' happiness levels and earn their loyalty,
  • respond in time to prevent customers from leaving,
  • and use the power of satisfied customers and word-of-mouth marketing to attract new customers.

What do we have to offer you?

Veneficus helps you continuously measure your customers' satisfaction. One way to do so is by short, informative surveys. We help you to:

  • formulate the right question,
  • carry out the research,
  • and enrich the feedback with dashboards and reports featuring the key insights.

How do we do this?

  • We use the Net Promoter Score or Customer Effort Score as the starting point for our research.
  • We analyze how the NPS / CES changes over time and estimate the drivers for increases / decreases of the score.

  • In collaboration with you, we analyze the entire customer journey and the impact of customer satisfaction during different moments of contact throughout the churn.
  • We apply predictive analytics to react in time and avoid the loss of dissatisfied customers.

More than just an analysis

Thanks to our tools, the entire process is automated and very simple. Reports can be automatically prepared and delivered monthly. They include warning signs and show which aspects of your business contribute most to short-term changes in customer satisfaction. We provide you with the necessary information for managing and improving your business.

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