The love is real .

No data request is too crazy for our data engineers. They get energy from unlocking, linking, storing and transforming data. Before they start on this, it is important to design a good architecture and process flow, which we are happy to support. We love all types data: whether it is big data or smaller data.

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We have a passion for models.

Our data scientists love models! But: they are pragmatic and will assess at what level to model: from smart decision rules to the most advanced AI and machine learning models.

Smart & fast

Optimize your algorithms .

An optimal decision is important in many cases. Some of our data scientists is specialized in optimizations. With a few decision parameters, it is quickly possible to generate thousands – if not millions – of possible solutions. But which one is the best? Our data scientists develop smart and fast models.

Veneficus professionals
Venerficus professionals


We speak every language .

Both the frontend and the backend of the applications to support decisions must be tuned and monitored. Our developers are happy to help with that! We have experience in many systems and languages and would like to hear what you need. We can of course provide advice in this area.


Take your organization to the next level .

It may be that your organization has to change and work differently. This can be an extensive process which must be taken step by step. We can provide people who participate in your organization to realize the improvements.

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“We make data and models applicable to everyone. Since we do this online, it is accessible from anywhere. That’s the power. ”

Tactical Decision Making Framework

How optimal are your tactical decisions ?

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Your career

Do you want to be part of the Veneficus team ?

Are you also completely addicted to data? Then take your chance!

Receive a free tactical attack plan .

We are convinced that by 2030 all relevant tactical decisions in our markets will be made using robotic or fully automated tools. Of course, Veneficus is the partner to ensure that you are ahead and do not miss the boat. Curious where your opportunities lie? Request a free tactical attack plan.