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PRIM helps investors in residential property to make investment decisions based on Big Data and AI, and to be able to assess a property for return, risk and market fit within minutes.

Market rent and housing demand

What is PRIM?

PRIM is used to carry out very quick research into buying and selling residential property. A full investment analysis is available within 5 minutes, looking at current and future market rent and market value, rental risk and return performance.


Rely on the power of data

What do you use PRIM for?



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Independent portfolio review




Future market analysis

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Future market rent determination


Hold-sell analyses

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How does PRIM work?

At present, there is an overstrained housing market in which it is increasingly difficult for property investors to estimate realistic returns. It is therefore important to have an independent assessment carried out. In order to gain insights that also provide added value, we make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). With a so-called XGBoost Regression model, we can convert large amounts of data into an accurate prediction of the market rent. More specifically, the application makes use of the following elements:


Valuation with DCF


Whitebox AVM


Demographic analyses and future market demand


Unique reference determination algortime

How much potential does your object have?

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Investing in real estate is done on the basis of data.

  • Predict future market rents based on Big Data
  • Housing demand mapped out by analyzing demographic data and relocation movements
  • Quick valuation & purchase scan
  • Direct investment analysis based on Discounted Cash Flow Model (DCF)
  • Define rental strategy
  • No black box AI. (The report provides a substantiation of the market rent)
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We are convinced that in 2030 all relevant tactical decisions in our markets will be taken with the aid of robotised or fully automated tools. Of course, Veneficus is the partner to ensure that you are ahead of the game and do not miss the boat.

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