Last month we celebrated our 10th anniversary. What a milestone! The world has changed on many fronts during this period. Yet, it is fantastic to see that our vision has remained unaffected. In 2007, we argued for ourselves that companies gathered more and more information and that we wanted to help them do something with it. What we did not know when we started our "student job" Veneficus, was that the world would change to our vision. In 2007, terms such as big data, data science and machine learning were hardly used, or even not at all. Everyone knows that this is different today: we no longer escape data science!


How it started

Together with Daan, Joost and Koen, I founded Veneficus as a part-time student in our student days. The idea was very simple: the paid pick-up of internship assignments. Working from our student room, this quickly went so fast that we hired other fellow students to take on the job. In this way we also found time for our own graduation.


Choosing for Veneficus

In 2009 we practically graduated and ended up at a turning point for us: Daan, Joost and I chose to continue with Veneficus! We also wrote a real business plan for the first time and last time. Who are we? What are our strengths? What do we want to achieve? Everything has been discussed extensively and the foundation of our company was born. Veneficus has grown rapidly in the period after that. We quickly outgrew our first office at the Rodezand with 12 team members. Nice detail from this time? In the beginning we had never worked with R, neither had any knowledge of Python or Ubuntu. That is different nowadays. Our profession is continiously evolving, new tools appear and we are still learning new skills!


Teamwork makes the dream work

After a period of 10 years with amazing highlights, such as the first year with more than one million sales, several FD Gazellen Awards and the fun that is in our company, I can say that we are very proud! Proud of todays team of 35 Venefici, the passion of our people and the way they 'play' with data. Everyone works towards the same goal, together as a team, and that is really special to experience.


The future

The future? We want to continue to grow and professionalize. Now the focus is mainly on automating the analysis process, because: the simpler you can make it, the faster you can grow! Can we outperform in a way that makes all econometricians superfluous? With the development of our own platform and algorithms, this is in any case our next goal.


In 10 years, let's see if we have succeeded!