Municipalities and retailers join forces to save the shopping street. And we like that. In this process the focus is mainly on making stores more attractive and clustering them in the city center. But also to instruct store owners on how they can establish and use a webshop as complement to their physical store. These are very good first steps! But is it enough to cope with the competition from webshops?


According to Veneficus there are many more opportunities for the shopping street. What is the strength of the retailers? Personal contact! Focus on this contact and cooperate with other retailers. Together you can offer the customers a total experience that they can fully enjoy.


How can retailers cooperate? We recommend combining data, to end up with new insights together. Use all available analytics to understand what your customers need and what they enjoy. Veneficus always ensures that the data remains protected: sensitive data is only available for owners of the concerned stores, but the insights are combined. In this way you can ensure that the assortment, the proposition and the customer approach are optimally relevant.


Tips from Veneficus:

•  Let analytics determine which type of customers are visiting the shopping street when and adjust your assortment accordingly;

• Create as retailer promotional campaigns that match the type of customers. With the campaigns you ensure that customers visit more stores, coffee shops and restaurants when they are spending a day in the shopping street!


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