Besides a great team of data scientists and developers, we have more talents at Veneficus of course. One of them is Roderick, who is strengthening the sales team since the beginning of this year with his knowledge, and explains to potential customers why Veneficus is essential as a strategic partner. 


Due to considerable sales experience and a great interest in the real estate market, Roderick already finds his feet within this portfolio at Veneficus. “I sincerely see the added value of Veneficus as a strategic partner for real estate companies. In the entire process from acquisition to the sales or rental process, we can be a great addition with our data analyses: What is the best type of house to develop, for example? How big should these houses be and what is the optimal market price for it? We can support our clients in making the right decisions through solid analyses and proactive advice." 


From the first contact to the start of the collaboration


Roderick is responsible for approaching new clients and selling the services of Veneficus. “I am talking to potential clients, listening to their needs and challenges and advising them. Then I discuss with my colleagues about the conceptual questions and together we come up with the best approach for the specific challenge of the client. Then I also supervise the final phase, until my colleagues really start the first phase of the collaboration. Of course I am always honest and will clearly explain what the added value of Veneficus is.”


Cross fertilization 


In the coming period, Roderick will focus primarily on sales within real estate. “We do not only support property developers, but also real estate investors and real estate managers. For them it is not just about stones, in the end it is really about their customers. As a property developer, you want to understand and predict who your customers are going to be for a new property. And as an investor you want to find the right match between a (commercial) property and a tenant. This brings retail, e-commerce and real estate together and we realize valuable cross-fertilization in knowledge, trends and developments for our clients. In short, with so much knowledge and expertise, Veneficus can perfectly support real estate companies in making the optimal decision. "