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There are many challenges in the market. Clients' desire for personalization is increasing, because they are used to it in other markets. Looking beyond your familiar playing field is necessary to be and remain relevant. Decisions to tackle these challenges need to be made a long time in advance. Knowledge and experience are used to succeed. But you can be smarter, by making the most of your data! With predictive analyzes you will have a good product to focus on the right target group, at the optimal price and in the perfect location.


  • Price

    In the end, we have to put a price on everything. The selling price of a home, the rental price of an apartment or store. You want to know the price not only for sale or rental, but also to estimate future revenues. This way you can determine what your bid will be in a tender or investment transaction. You can look at reference properties, but how do you use all the information?


    With our analyses, we use information about properties, the market, demography, facilities and the economy. This way we determine the optimal price and the expected price development in the future. The best thing about it? We develop in such a way that you no longer need us to calculate price scenarios. You can do it yourself, using data and models.

  • Product

    Perfectly match supply and demand, it will remain a utopia for the time being. Especially when you look at the challenges that arise: housing shortage, urbanization, changing composition of households. Needs change as well. Flexibility and personalization are becoming increasingly important too. How do you realize property that better match the demand? Can you do it in a smarter way?


    Certainly! With our predictive analyses, we determine the product-market fit. But you can also get started yourself, use the data and models to calculate scenarios. For example, you can determine the optimal programming. Really ready for the future? Let the models give recommendations for the optimal product.

  • Client

    Whether you are a property developer, investor or housing corporation, you want to make sure you know your clients! Only then can you ensure that your portfolio fits your clients' needs. Both client needs and the market change. Taking a broader and proactive role is essential to remain relevant. Look beyond your familiar playing field.


    With our analyses we create client profiles and advice you about personal recommendations and targeted marketing to clients. Do you have a new project, property or emission? We show in an early stage what your target group will be. Did you already collect all leads? Then our models help to find the optimal match between client and property for commercial real estate, or to efficiently generate the optimal allocation for houses.

  • Areas

    The acquisition of new project locations or properties still requires a large network. Nothing wrong with that, if you ask us. You have to use the network you have. But how do you make the transition from an opportunistic to a strategic approach?


    Our analyses result in a white area plan. This reflects the strategy that you have as a property developer or investor. Essential to give direction to the acquisition. By not only looking at the current situation but also predicting the development, you are ready for the future. With benchmarking we can also locate similar areas. Areas that are comparable to the neighborhood or project locations or existing properties.

How we work

  • STEP 01 Potential Scan

    Many people, many needs, also within data science. Which challenge are you going to tackle first? Is there enough data available to fit a model on? We like to take small steps forward and answer these questions in the potential scan.

    • Test feasibility statistical model
    • Data inventorization
  • STEP 02 Proof of Value

    Every situation is different, so it is difficult to estimate in advance how much data science will bring for you. During the Proof of Value we develop models based on a limited scope. In this way, we can determine the added value as quickly as possible.

    • Determine added value based on limited scope
    • First insights & advice
  • STEP 03 Acceptance

    With acceptance within your organization, a data-driven solution will really take off! That is why we show, with cases from daily practice, what the added value of data science is. With a team of ambassadors within the organization, we determine how the next steps look like.

    • Achieve acceptance in the organization with cases
    • Joint effort for prototype and implementation
  • STEP 04 Prototype

    We will now fully roll out the models developed in the Proof of Value. The finalization of the models is done together with you, by analyzing the results with our joint expertise of data and business. We also set up tooling, with which you can use the models youself to support decisions.

    • Finalize models
    • Set-up tooling
    • First use in operation
  • STEP 05 Implementation

    You want to be sure that you always support decisions with the latest information. This is only possible with an automated data flow and models that directly make use of that data. We ensure that the solution fits perfectly into the excisting processes. Nothing stands in your way to let your organization grow!

    • Automated data flow & analytics
    • Improved daily operation
  • STEP 06 Embedding

    No matter how nice our cooperation is, in the end we want you to be able to do it yourself. We work on a smooth integration, in the way that best suits your organization. Still a question for our experts? You know where to find us!

    • Added value realization
    • Organize workshops
    • Knowledge transfer & documentation

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