Better decisions for independent government bodies

Since 2017, we have been helping independent government bodies make better tactical decisions. Our tools provide weekly advice on the allocation of employees, assets and budgets. This not only saves costs in daily operations, it also prevents unpleasant effects for society in the medium term.

With our models, users see trends early and you no longer have to respond headlong to current events. You deal with all the stress and additional interventions, better for society and government wallet.

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How we work

Projects or just all the way?

We can help decision-makers in the public sector in a variety of ways. Whether it is based on projects that you outsource to us or by hiring a Veneficus professional: we ensure that your tactical decisions are optimal. Of course we like to think along with you and help you get a better idea of the possibilities.

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A touch of magic.

“Veneficus adds a touch of magic to our data solutions. Together with Veneficus we develop insight into the sales potential of a food service location for a brand, product or category. A true partner who adds more value to our business and makes a difference by ‘just that’. little more to do “in creativity and involvement.”

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Responding perfectly to customer needs.

“Thanks to Veneficus’ analyzes, we understand customer needs better and we respond to this, for example by adjusting our range.”

Bart Oprel