What is the impact of a price change ?

As a retailer you are busy with prices and promotions every day. What is the impact of a price change? Which promotion is most effective? Promotions follow each other faster and faster and price changes are everyday, so it is increasingly difficult to find out which effect can be attributed to which action. Our data models give you recommendations about the optimal price and promotion.

Insurance & pensions

Are you in control of your data, calculation modules and systems ?

For insurers and pension providers, it is very important to know which risks belong to which type of customer. By clustering on characteristics of existing customers, we distinguish different customer groups and our thorough analysis determines the corresponding risk profile for each customer group. On this basis, we give advice to launch targeted marketing campaigns.

Insurance & pensions

Faster actuarial testing .

Being in control is crucial in actuarial calculation boxes. Both with the models, data quality and the chain. We provide the applications, (AI) models, templates and knowledge to make the testing process efficient, complete and controllable.

How far are you with Factual Decision Making?

We developed a tactical decision making scoring model. Based on this, you know where you are, where you want to go and how you can progress.

Our services.



Do you still make suboptimal decisions based on gut feeling? We give data a place in your organization.



Houzr helps you optimize residential new construction projects with algorithms and big data.



Are you looking for hands-on support with your organization? Our professionals bring the right knowledge to you on board.


Actuarial testing

We provide the applications, (AI) models, templates and knowledge to make the test process efficient, complete and verifiable.