Long before the first pile is driven, Tineke is already exploring the market for a new project. The market survey is an important basis for a project. Certainly because Blauwhoed is a real market maker: developing new neighborhoods in places where others are unwilling or unable to do so. Supplemented with information from co-creation, in which future residents and local residents participate in the planning process, neighborhoods are developed that fully meet the wishes of residents.


Blauwhoed needs predictive insights to strengthen its position in the challenging market.

Tineke would like to make use of all the information available about projects and the market. Accessing and combining data sources is already costing her a lot of time. Analyzing complex and deep relationships in large amounts of data is almost impossible as a human being. With the help of models, she wants to make Blauwhoed’s market research more efficient and accurate. Most importantly, Tineke and her team can use their experience and expertise to assess the market research.


Together we developed the Blauwhoed potential model.

This allows Blauwhoed to anticipate market demand, not only for tomorrow, but also for the coming years. The core of the model are the Blauwhoed projects, which makes it an optimal fit with the strategy to develop for niche markets, in locations where others are unwilling or unable to do so.


The potential model provides a substantiated price, with insight into drivers and comparable areas.

We combine housing and project characteristics, information about the environment, data from the housing market and economic conditions. This not only predicts potential in the form of prices. In order to gain insight into a location or area, it is essential to know what drivers are for prices of certain housing types. Locating new development locations helps to find comparable areas of successful projects and housing concepts.


For new projects, Blauwhoed employees can calculate their own scenarios in order to arrive at surprising residential areas that match future housing requirements.


What could be the next steps of Factual Decision Making?

  • Maximization of the yield

  • Higher customer satisfaction

  • More effective marketing activities

  • Support personal customer journey

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