Tactical Decision Making Framework

6 preconditions for optimal tactical decisions.



Will, enthusiasm and commitment from management is the starting point.



You map out which data is available internally and externally.



The data is needed to feed models & business rules that ultimately suggest decisions.



Optimization algorithms are used to define the best decision.



Tooling is necessary to be able to run these models on a frequent basis and to make decisions transparent.

business and trade


Finally, the organization must frequently start working with the models. A crucial, final step.

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Our markets.

Consultancy on tactical decisions is independent of the market. This is where our strength lies. Although we are more at home in some markets than others, the process is the same. We will carry out the projects together with you and make optimal use of the knowledge available in your company.

Examples of tactical decisions.

What is the best investment for my real estate project?

The real estate market is constantly changing. Housing requirements are changing faster than ever and the acquisition of new positions is difficult. We combine all data in an automated model to describe projects and homes. This way you can invest optimally.

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Consultancy retail

What is the impact of a price change?

As a retailer you are busy with prices and promotions every day. What is the impact of a price change? Which promotion is most effective? Promotions follow each other faster and faster and price changes are everyday, so it is increasingly difficult to find out which effect can be attributed to which action. Our data models give you recommendations about the optimal price and promotion.

What risk is associated with this type of customer?

It is very important for insurers and pension providers to know which risks belong to which type of customer. By clustering the characteristics of existing customers, we distinguish different customer groups and our thorough analysis determines the associated risk profile for each customer group. Based on this, we provide advice on how to set up targeted marketing campaigns.

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Tactical Decision Making Framework

How optimal are your tactical decisions?

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Receive a free tactical attack plan.

We are convinced that by 2030 all relevant tactical decisions in our markets will be made using robotic or fully automated tools. Of course Veneficus is the partner to ensure that you are ahead and do not miss the boat. Wondering where your opportunities lie? Request a free tactical attack plan.