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Veneficus specialises in Factual Decision Making, because it has much more to offer than just information. It carries all kinds of stories within. These stories emerge through data analysis. Our objective is to make complex issues accessible for everyone.

As a Data Scientist at Veneficus, my work focuses primarily on the retail and real estate sector. The retail sector is very diverse and we recently developed a ‘Menu’ for this sector. The Menu focuses on five key topics: location, clients, range, price & promo and multi-channel. The Menu illustrates solutions divided into steps that retailers go through on the roadmap for factual decision making. In this blog, I would like to explain to you how this Menu works and what the advantages are.

Getting started

Now I hear you thinking “How exactly do you use the Menu?” It is actually not very complicated. Retailers always want to get a clear vision of what they need to sell, to whom, at which locations (online and offline) and at what price. When using the Menu, the retailer initially selects 1 or 2 topics he wants to focus on, then starts with Factual Decision Making in relation to those topics. Results are presented in our own online tool that can be used through all the steps on the roadmap. Retailers get insight into the current situation, specific recommendations for further growth, and they can calculate scenarios for the future. This way, a retailer can identify which clients he should focus on or how to optimise his assortment, for example.

Holland Casino has implemented a number of our solutions successfully. They wanted more insight into the performance of their locations, not only in terms of turnover, but also by looking at location’s potential. We developed a tool for this based on data that Holland Casino made available, enriched with data from our own databases and open data. Holland Casino can use this tool itself to calculate configurations for potential new casino. The tool contains parameters like the location, as well as the number of tables, the size of the casino, parking facilities, et cetera. They will open a new casino, which was comprehensively calculated with our tool, at a top location in Amsterdam West soon!

Big Data Expo

Veneficus will be at the Big Data Expo at Jaarbeurs Utrecht on 20 and 21 September. We present the Menu at our stand and give a number of demos. The demos will provide a good understanding of the solutions on our Menu. We will also give a presentation with Bart Koeman, CFO of Bakker Bart, in which we explain the work we did for them and what added value this produced.

Curious about the story behind the Veneficus Menu? Then come and see us at the Big Data Expo where we would be delighted to explain and show you all the ins and outs of our Menu. Register free here.

Lisanne den Hoed

Author: Lisanne

Position: Data Scientist