10 years of Veneficus

Last month we celebrated our 10-year anniversary, and what a milestone this is! During that time the world has changed a lot in many different ways, but it is fantastic to see that our vision has remained intact. In 2007 we stated that companies are collecting more and more information and we wanted to support these companies in putting this data to good use. What we of course didn’t know when we started our “student job” was that the world was about to change to fit our vision. In 2007 terms such as big data, data science and machine learning were barely used, if at all. Everyone knows the situation is different now: these days data science is simply part of the deal!

How it started

Daan, Joost, Koen and I founded Veneficus back in our student days, as a side job. The idea was quite simple: taking on internship jobs for pay. Working from our student housing, this soon became such a success that we began to take on other students to handle the work volume. This allowed us to make time for our own studies and graduations as well.

Opting for Veneficus

In 2009 we had just graduated and we reached a turning point: Daan, Joost and I made the choice to continue with Veneficus! We then wrote our first - and last - real business plan. Who are we? What are we presenting? What do we want to achieve? We discussed it all and as such lay the foundation of our company. In the period that followed, Veneficus grew fast. We quickly outgrew our first office at the Rodezand with a 12-member team. Interesting fact from those days – in the beginning we had never worked with R, or even knew about Python or Ubuntu. The situation couldn’t be more different today! Our business is developing rapidly, tools continue to be added and we continue to learn new skills!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Looking back on the last 10 years we have had some amazing highlights, such as reaching a turnover of more than one million in the first year and being awarded multiple FD Gazelle Awards, as well as the great atmosphere in our company, I can certainly say we are incredibly proud! Proud of our current team of 35 Venefici, their passion and commitment, and their ability to ‘play’ with data. Everyone works together towards the same goal and that really is incredible to witness.

The future

What does the future hold? We want to carry on expanding and further professionalising the company. Currently, our main focus is on analysis process automatization, because the easier you can work, the faster you can grow! Would it be possible to do so well that we make all econometrists redundant? We are currently working on the development of our own tools and algorithms, so we are definitely working towards this goal.

Let’s check back in 10 years and see if we made it!

Robbert Bos

Author: Robbert

Position: Partner