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Actuarial testing

The challenges:

  • There is little focus on actuarial testing at the initiation of the project, but it often turns out to be a bottleneck at the end

  • Realization of added value is only achieved later

  • Management is often difficult and there is ‘key person risk’. Especially in the shrinking organizations of today

  • Many organizations do not have an unambiguous approach. They still use Excel, with incompleteness and “spreadsheet risk” as a result


Add AI to actuarial testing.

  • Quality, completeness and no high repair costs because it has not been tested properly

  • Auditable

  • Cost efficient

  • Testing is no longer a roadblock

  • Applications must be manageable by an organization

  • Reproducibility

  • Regression tests are run automatically and quickly and frequently

  • Clear interfaces that also people without programming skills can work with


Actuarial AI testing process

AI testproces infographic 1

What does Veneficus bring?

  • Years of experience including the necessary work instructions

  • Testmanagement
  • Templates for guiding test plans, verifiable test reports and efficient ticket use

  • Test set generator
  • Plan of approach and standard modules for shadow calculation modules

  • Comparison applications

  • AI difference analysis modules

  • Dashboarding

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