“We make data and models applicable to everyone. Since we do this online, it is accessible from anywhere. That’s the power. ”


Start growing

At Veneficus Consultancy you work on a project basis. In our professional team where team spirit is paramount, you will have the opportunity to develop in both depth and breadth. Veneficus has growth paths for junior, medior & senior professionals and of course we offer excellent terms of employment. Are you ready to become the best in your expertise?


Ultimate freedom and yet the security of a permanent job.

Seconded work for various clients, from shorter to longer projects. You receive a high variable remuneration based on billable hours, which is not inferior to working as a self-employed person. This is a unique middle ground between employed and freelance, the benefits of both worlds!

  • Certainty
  • Social insurances
  • Acquisition is done for you
  • You have colleagues!
  • You are supported in your development

Bringing in new projects and new colleagues is extra rewarded, so you can be entrepreneurial. Do you have ideas for a so-called “point solution”? We love entrepreneurship and offer the opportunity to work together on this as well.

Real Estate

Start growing

At Veneficus Real Estate you work on a SaaS solution and you also apply it, which gives you a lot of experience. The real estate sector is constantly changing and you get the opportunity to innovate and gain a lot of market knowledge. The perfect opportunity to develop in depth, whether in terms of models, data or market knowledge.

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We have a passion to improve decisions together.

Our mission

And there’s nothing we like more than making others love it too. People work within Veneficus in different roles, with different backgrounds, but as a team we make sure that we are proud of what we deliver. We are eager to learn, always try out new things, but also dare to make mistakes. However, it is not just about algorithms, tools and advice.


We value this.

We believe that a good atmosphere and a close-knit team also contribute to happy customers. If you wish, our working week ends with a drink at our own bar, possibly combined with a barbecue on our roof terrace. We like to alternate cracking our brains on complex challenges with a game of table football. But let’s be honest … we have developed models to determine the table football ranking;) Do you want to participate? Come and work with us!

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How we work.

Transparency, drive and an innovative mindset are our top priorities. Are you solution-oriented and not willing to give up quickly? Then you are in the right place. The Veneficus team is ambitious and enthusiastic, with the atmosphere that suits a small company. Not afraid to take the initiative? Create your own opportunities and develop quickly, you quickly gain freedom and responsibility. You are just as valuable to us as your most experienced colleague.

Our core values.

We believe our core values are very important to our customers, our environment and ourselves. You can therefore also adhere to these core values.

Continuous improvement


Keep improving.

But standing still is regression, so you are encouraged to improve every day. Everyone within Veneficus has their own expertise, within a role, sector or solution. By bringing market experts, analytical geniuses and code crackers together in projects, we add value to our customers. Whether you are ready for a specialization or looking for a place to develop yourself broadly, you will fit perfectly in our team!

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Your career

Do you want to be part of the Veneficus team?

Are you also completely addicted to data? Take your chance!

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