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How it al started.

Veneficus. Optimizing Intelligence. Supporting decision-makers to make a difference by using the power of data: that’s our goal! We work with the perfect mix of magic and logic, to bring data and business together.

In 2021 we have three entities: Veneficus Consultancy , Veneficus Professionals and Veneficus Real Estate . We strive for perfect flows, greater growth, working smarter and above all a happier life.


The enthusiastic Veneficus team is about 30 women and men in total. All Venefici like to make tactical decisions better, all in their own field. The backgrounds are therefore data science, econometrics, developers, data engineers, IT, project leads and change management.

Veneficus started as a student job from an attic room, founded by three college friends. Fourteen years later, several FD Gazellen awards further and with a team of 30 Venefici, the passion for data is still paramount. With the common goal of helping companies make smarter tactical decisions.

Since day one, our goal has been to combine internal and external data to make better decisions. We then called it ‘a lot of data’, today ‘big data’ has become a common concept.


Our core values.

We believe our core values are very important to our customers, our environment and ourselves. You can therefore also adhere to these core values.

Continuous improvement
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How we work.

We are very driven to do everything as well and efficiently as possible. So not just improving tactical decisions. Also in our own collaboration, whether it concerns a game of table football or solving a technical bottleneck. Everywhere, we are fully committed to doing it as smartly as possible. We challenge each other and age, experience, etc. does not matter. With an open culture where everyone’s input is important, where people work seriously as well as having fun.

Years experience
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