Factual Decision Making.

Do you still make tactical decisions based on experience, gut feeling and incorrect data? There is a good chance that you feel that you are not ‘in control’ and that you experience a lot of stress. Big data, statistical models and algorithms offer unprecedented possibilities, so why not take advantage of them? With the right degree of human control, you ensure that models and algorithms do not take the wrong turn and that your decisions are optimal. Our mission is to improve all tactical decisions with Factual Decision Making.



Are you still making suboptimal decisions based on gut feeling? Veneficus gives data a place in your organization. We provide managed services, consulting, implementation and implementation support.


Actuarial testing

Being in control is crucial in actuarial calculation boxes. Both with the models, data quality and the chain. We provide the applications, (AI) models, templates and knowledge to make the testing process efficient, complete and controllable.



Is your organization looking for hands-on support? Our professionals bring the right knowledge on board with you in the areas of development, data science, machine learning, data processes, application building and change management.


What are tactical decisions ?

What will be the layout of my building lot? What will product x cost and where do I offer it? All examples of tactical decisions, which are about the core of your business.

With a tactical decision, you balance the various interests – such as inventory, revenue, margin and business risk – that are necessary for your organization to thrive and grow. You make these decisions day in and day out and the stakes are high: all the more reason to base them on good data and analysis.

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We are convinced that by 2030 all relevant tactical decisions in our markets will be made using robotic or fully automated tools. Of course, Veneficus is the partner to ensure that you are ahead and do not miss the boat. Curious where your opportunities lie? Request a free tactical attack plan.